Best Heat Protectant for Curling - Features CHI 44 Iron Guard

Spending more time than you want to watching your hair break off at the ends? If you’re like most of us girls, you’re probably using some heavy-duty heat tools to curl, wave, or straighten your hair into daily submission.

Using your curling iron may make your hair look amazing from afar, but if you’re not using a heat protectant spray to prevent heat damage, you can probably see your split, broken ends up close. Let’s take a look at the best heat protectant spray for curling and get you on your way to a style that looks great in the elevator and in the parking lot. 

Before we continue on with the products, let’s answer some more burning questions you may have about heat protectant sprays before you make the decision to invest in one. Hopefully, this next section clears the air about whether they are really necessary, and why your hairdresser is always on your case about your hairstyling habits.

Do heat protectants really work?

Heat protectants do really save your hair from heat damage caused by your curling iron and other heat tools.  These products create a barrier or a shield against high temperatures, coating each hair strand and protecting your hair all the way to the cuticle from splitting, breaking, and frizzing out. 

Not only do heat protectants stand between your curling iron and your hair shaft, most are formulated to moisturize your hair from the inside out, making it strong, shiny, and soft.  As they seal your hair cuticle they also trap in natural moisture, protecting the natural assets you have growing right out of your scalp.

Do you need heat protectant to curl hair?

Heck yes you do! No matter your hair type, you’re putting serious heat to your strands to create those perfect curls.  Using a quality heat protectant will squash split ends, prevent lackluster locks, and ensure you aren’t straight up killing your healthy, happy hair with any of your heat styling tools.  

Even your blow dryer can cause serious damage and your curling iron may get up to 450 degrees! Coating your hair in a product that seals your hair shaft and locks in moisture is the best way to ensure the healthiest style possible with your curling iron.

Do you put heat protectant on wet or dry hair?

For best results, you should always use your specific product according to package instructions. Most heat protectants can be used on damp or fully dried hair, but some formulas may give you different results.  


How long does heat protectant last?

Most styling products are good for at least 2-3 years after you purchase them. If you’re a girl who is blessed with naturally awesome hair (lucky bum!) or you just don’t heat style very often, don’t worry-your product probably won’t spoil sitting on your shelf. 

If you’ve hunted down an all natural heat protectant spray with no types of chemicals or preservatives, you may want to check the manufacturer’s instructions for storage.  

Don’t forget.. some heat protectant sprays have more than one use! If you’re not a regular curl and go girl, check out the products that can be used for speeding up your blow dry time or leave in conditioners! More bang for your buck!

How much heat protection spray should I use?

How much product you use really depends on your own hair and style preferences.  If you’ve got a lightweight formula and strong thick locks, make sure to spray it on in sections and comb through your hair thoroughly.

If you’ve got fine or thin hair, less is more, even with the weightless products. You know the struggle is real, and more product means less volume! 

Look for reviews from ladies with your hair type and see what’s working for them. Start with a little bit of product and work up to the amount that is just right for you hair.  Adding too much right off the bat might give you that crunchy, 1980’s something look that nobody is going for today.


CHI’s Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray helps prevent heat damage by sealing your hair’s cuticle and keeping heat damage at bay. Use this product by spraying it in to sections of dry hair and working it in before using your curling iron to create your daily style. 

This heat protectant spray is formulated to not cause dirty, grimy build up in your hair, and will help hold your curls all day as well.  It’s good for all hair types including natural hair, and does a great job of helping to protect hair that is already heat or chemical damaged. It has a fresh scent that isn’t overwhelming or overpowering. 

CHI’s Iron Guard Thermal Spray is lightweight, so it won’t weigh down your style if you’ve got thin or fine hair. Your hair may feel a little sticky when you’ve first sprayed this product in, but after brushing it through or curling your hair should feel soft and smooth. 


CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray

Superior thermal protection spray that works from the inside-out, helping to protect hair from thermal damage and breakage with a weightless formula with no added build up. Helps to seal the cuticle and works to prevent future damage.

  • Vitamins and proteins add essential moisture
  • Protects against thermal damage
  • Suitable for all hair types
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