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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s head-turning performance at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime in Miami was nothing short of amazing, and we’re definitely still not over it. J.Lo’s go-big-or-go-home hair left us craving more. Looking to recreate J.Lo’s show-stopping tresses? Check out all of the inspiration created by CHI Global Board Artist Anna Cantu so you can channel a J.Lo-inspired look using CHI color, stylings aids and tools that’ll withstand every hair flip.



Get the Look:

Formula One: Equal parts CHI Shine Shades 4CM + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator. 

 Formula Two: Equal Parts CHI Infra BB + CHI Blondest Blonde Cream Lightener + 20 Volume CHI Color Generator.

 Formula Three: Equal parts CHI Infra BB + CHI Blondest Blonde Cream Lightener + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator.

Step One: Prep the hair using CHI Keratin Mist and CHI Silk Infusion. Starting in the front, apply Formula One to the root area coming down 1 t0 1.5 inches. Continue until the entire root area is complete.

Step Two: Lift the fringe area, and create fine weaves or slices to create baby lights using Formula Three. Repeat two more times for a total of three foils.

Step Three: Repeat baby light technique on each side temple section, for a total of three foils on each side.

Artist Tip: To create a color burst when doing your baby lights, pick up a thicker piece of hair and add it into your weaved section.

Step Four: Divide the hair into two leaving out the nape and clip remaining hair away.

Step Five: Take a diagonal back section, comb through the hair and then using Formula Two begin to surface paint on the underneath of the section then the top to create your balayage. Repeat on opposite side and through the back until you reach the parietal ridge.

Step Six: Starting at the parietal ridge you will be begin to take slices and painting Formula Two onto each slide in a V shaped pattern.

Artist Tip: If you want extra blonde paint the hair from underneath as well against the grain.

Artist Tip: Seal each section with plastic wrap to keep the moisture and heat locked in.

Step Seven: Continue working throughout the hair in a V formation take a large section, split in half and use your balayage technique. You can take some slices higher and some lower to create dimension.

 Step Eight: Split the apex section in half pinning the top half away. Take two slices and on the bottom on paint in your V formation.  On the top slice make a fist with tight tension 2 inches from the scalp paint in to create weaved effect.

Step Nine: In the final apex section create large weaved subsections and paint on your formula, taking it higher around the face to create lightness.

Step Ten: Process under low heat for 15 mins with a 15 min cool down. At the shampoo bowl, shampoo the hair and tone using: Equal parts CHI Shine Shades 8B + 8S + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator on the tops and sides. For the back tone using equal parts CHI Shine Shades 6B + 10 Volume CHI Color Generator for 10 mins and rinse.

Step Eleven: Apply CHI Silk Infusion to towel dried hair and blow dry the hair smooth using the CHI Lava Blow Dryer.

Step Twelve: Taking one-inch subsections spray the hair with the CHI Infra Texture Hairspray and curl using the CHI Lava Curl Shot.

Step Thirteen: Once all the hair is curled flip the hair over and spray from underneath using the CHI Infra Texture Hairspray and tussle with fingers for added volume.

Step Fourteen: Flip hair back over and finish with CHI Shine Infusion.

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