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What It Is:

Aromatherapy, the study of scent, is a branch of phytotherapy (plant therapy) that uses essential oils for holistic wellness and focuses on the well-being of the whole person.

Promoting mind, body, and spiritual health benefits, it is practiced through the skilled and controlled use of 100% natural, whole, unadulterated, and aromatic botanical plant materials.

Embracing the integrity of the entire essential oil and the sum of all its parts rather than focusing on a single component that is known to be effective in the oil, the essence of the whole plant is captured by including the major and minor components. Retaining and maximizing all functional benefits, provides the opportunity to offer exceptional quality.

What It Does:

Harnessing the therapeutic properties of the Egyptian essential oil, causes a sensory effect on the mind and encourages balance by enhancing both physical and emotional wellness.

What It Is Not:

  • The oil does not contain any synthetic component, adulterant, or “nature identical” ingredients.
  • The oil is not cut with a less expensive oil or diluent to bring down the cost and quality.
  • The oil has not been reconstructed in a laboratory.
  • The oil is not tested on animals.

No synthetic fragrances or colors.
Not tested on animals.


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