CHI Egyptian Aromatherapy - Why Is It Special? - CHI Haircare

Why Is It Special?

Egyptians used three methods for releasing fragrance:

– Burning – perhaps the oldest method, this technique is evoked in the modern word “perfume”, which literally means “through smoke”

– Oils – blending with botanical plant oils of moringa and almond oil to combine the conditioning effects of plant oil with fragrant essential oils

Egypt is recognized as the origin for significant development in aromatherapy as the first distillation of essential oils was done in Egypt (dating back to 3500 B.C.).

During the 3rd Dynasty (2650-2575 BC) in Egypt, the process of embalming and mummification was developed by the Egyptians in their search for immortality. Frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, cinnamon, cedarwood, juniper berry and spikenard are all known to have been used at some stage to preserve the bodies of their royalty in preparation of the afterlife. Extensive knowledge of the Egyptian beauty regime can be credited to the burial customs and arid climate which preserves artifacts well.

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