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CHI Long Hair Dematting Rake Dog Tool

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Use Instructions:

Brush coat first to loosen mats. Place the rake under the mat with the dull side against pet’s skin. Place your fingers between the rake and the skin to prevent pulling of the skin and discomfort. Slowly move the rake through the mat with a saw like motion to cut through the mat. To assist with mat removal, use the CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner. After using the Undercoat Rake, brush through the coat to collect loose hair and debris. De-mat before bathing. When necessary, follow up with CHI for Dogs Detangling Spray.

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Product Description

Eliminate mats in your dog’s coat once and for all with the CHI De-Matting Rake. This easy-to-use tool features and ergonomic soft grip handle and removes mats from all over your dog, which in turn helps to reduce shedding.

1 review for CHI Long Hair Dematting Rake Dog Tool

  1. Lilly

    Wonderful tool! I use this on my Standard Poodle (I keep him trimmed short except for ears and tail). Sometimes I get a bit lazy and whoops!! A mat appears. I’ve tried many tools, and always start at the bottom of the mat (nearest me) and work toward his skin: Nothing works; nothing is easy; nothing makes him happy. BUT, I purchased this tool and it’s like a DREAM!!! It just gently and EASILY pulls the mats out, and BEST OF ALL, it’s so GENTLE, my sweet little Poodle-Oodle doesn’t even notice… he actually enjoy the process. You can’t ask for more.

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