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CHI Life UV Light Lamp

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  • Open mode for complete UV light saturation.
  • 20-30- second delay for people to  leave the room as a safety feature
  • Closed mode for less UV light saturation or when  people are nearby
  • Built-in fans for air ventilation
  • Two germicidal UV-C light bulbs
  • Concealed handle for easy movement
  • Energy efficient design. 3 pre-set timers make it easy to sanitize


Power: 40w
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Dimension: D200mm, H400mm
Timer: 30/60/120 minutes
Application: House, School, Restaurant, Office,  Salon, Barbershop, Nail Salon

Space 215 sq. ft. 215-430 sq. ft. 430-645 sq. ft.
Time 30 min 1 hour 2 hours

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Reviews (14)

14 reviews for CHI Life UV Light Lamp

  1. JoAnn Yaworski-Usher

    We would like to try this in at home and in the schools.

  2. JoAnn Yaworski-Usher


  3. Earnest Kidd (verified owner)

    Awesome, Just ordered!

  4. Tiffany Theien

    Looking forward to using this in my salon ! This is great

  5. Rosa Cusanno


  6. Melody Barnhart

    Ship date for salon owners…

    • David Vargas

      9.1 as of right now, but should be sooner.

      David Vargas

  7. Michelle

    I bought the hand sanitizers and this will be my next purchase. I will be using this at work. Thank you!

  8. Lori

    Looking forward to receiving it!

  9. Nancy

    I’m so excited to for this product!

  10. Aina Jokubaite-Assaf

    I would like to have it in my hair salon, thanks for care!

  11. Aurora Guevara (verified owner)

    I received it and have it in my classroom already. You can smell the difference in the air as you breathe. Thank you for giving us such a great product.

  12. Jerry MaGruder (verified owner)

    I received – thought I would not like – have used though out my home – and now with the announcement of the muted covid-19 in London – I am so glad I have this piece of equipment! Just one more necessary item in the defense for the future!

  13. LollyBGolly81

    Placing my order now!

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