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CHI ARC 1in Automatic Rotating Curler

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  • 1” Ceramic Barrel.
  • MCH Heater for quick 30 sec. heat up.
  • Digital temperature display with LCD screen.
  • Convenient reset button to bring clamp back to center position.
  • Digital temperature adjustment prevents unnecessary heat damage to the hair.
  • Rotating barrel eliminates wrist discomfort and significantly decreases styling time.
  • Automatic rotating barrel gives the hair perfect tension and turn when curling, making styling faster and easier than ever.


  • CHI Infra Texture Dual Hairspray 2.6oz



Who doesn’t want fabulous curls at the push of a button? CHI ARC automatic rotating curling iron features a Ceramic automatic rotating barrel that promotes a more comfortable styling position while creating beautiful long-lasting curls.

Reviews (41)

41 reviews for CHI ARC 1in Automatic Rotating Curler

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    Gabriela Perez
    August 17, 2021
    It’s amazing I love the high temp. So pretty. Love the colors. Holds a great curl!!
    June 20, 2020
    Very easy to use and leaves all day curls!
    Lisa Bergenstock`
    May 28, 2020
    So I'm back for yet another review!! So as of now I own the Chi Ceramic Dryer (my wonderful son bought me : ), the Spin n Curl in Ruby Red and now this spin iron!! I can't decide which one I like best!!! They are so easy to use after you get the hang of it which doesn't take long at all. My boss even commented on my hair and told his wife when he got home! So I left her try it out and she said she is definitely purchasing a spin iron! Also before when I curled my hair halfway thru the day my curls would fall out but not anymore!! They last for days especially when I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like messing with my hair. So along with all my hair products I would also like to give a huge thank you to Chi for the wonderful hand sanitizers!! I purchased every one and they are amazing as well!! So with all this being said, believe me when I say, You will not regret making a choice with any Chi product!! : )
    April 7, 2020
    I absolutely love this! It’s so easy to use and the curls come out amazing and they stay in all day. I would highly recommend this to someone that can’t use a curling iron (like me). I love Chi products it’s all I buy for and use on my hair.
    CHI ARC 1in Automatic Rotating Curler photo review
    November 22, 2019
    Love ! I am horrible at doing my own hair and this has made it simple for me. It’s so easy and my hair looks magical !
    November 12, 2019
    Awesome love the temp adjustment super easy to use
    July 18, 2019
    Very cute , I love my waves on my hair , absolutely beautiful , I recommended 100 %
    June 26, 2019
    I can't say enough good things about this iron. I am horrible at doing my hair and this has made a huge difference. I hope it lasts for a long time since it was so pricey. I'd like to buy another at some point and have it packed away in my "I have to run to the hospital with my ill child" bag. I have recommended it to several of my friends, including my beautician. Please come down on the price if possible.
    nell Richter
    May 23, 2019
    Did great job while it worked. Unfortunately after some time would not heat up. I asked about the number shown in the display and was told she was not a repair technician and did not know. Since I received as a gift I did not have a receipt and the original receipts were destroyed by water, would not replace. Expected a more professional suggestions or help, or discount. Love the product but the personal side of the business is not as good as the product.
    May 7, 2019
    I love this curling iron! I had another one previously that automatically curled my hair but this one is much sturdier, curls better, and heats up faster.
    April 21, 2019
    Love it! So easy to use especially on my thick coarse hair!
    Judy P
    April 6, 2019
    Love the ease if curling without having to twist my hand. Curls come out it!!!
    Mary Smith
    March 6, 2019
    I love it! It’s so nice, so easy to use and the color is beautiful I will be ordering again from chi
    Susana M.
    February 8, 2019
    This was a gift to me for Christmas and it is so easy to use. I love it, the ceramic helps your hair come out smooth
    Tori R.
    February 8, 2019
    Will always recommend CHI styling tools and products. They are affordable, durable, and less damaging than others I have tried. I am a repeat user and will never buy another product from a different brand.
    Brittany W.
    February 8, 2019
    CHI is a little more expensive but the price is completely worth it! Heats up quickly and styles hair easily. Curls hold ALL day and night!
    Rachel S.
    February 8, 2019
    Awesome! I always have the most perfect curls! Totally recommend and can’t wait to get more
    Kaiti W.
    February 7, 2019
    This is perfect for forming curls that aren’t too tightly curled but aren’t too loosely waved. It’s harder to mess up because the curling want easily rotates for you, which means mistakes or burns are less likely.
    Rachel R.
    February 7, 2019
    CHI IS MY THING! I love my chi and only have had chis! They are amazing, work so well with my hair as well. I would for sure recommend this curler to anyone with straight or curly frizzy hair like me!!
    January 4, 2019
    Love all my previous chi products and was therefore excited to receive and try this product. Unfortunately I purchased the wrong size but i will be reordering the correct size. Only downside is I lost my $10 coupon and the rep was not able to provide me a new code.
    Ashley Case
    January 3, 2019
    I love my Chi, it holds my curl very well and makes styling so much easier, but I do have some complaints. I do not like the beeping sound it makes. Very annoying. Also, my hair tends to smell burnt some days. I have adjustment the temp but that doesn't seem to help. Also, I am actually in the process of sending my Chi back because after only having it for 6 months the reset button stopped working and now the right arrow button has stopped working after 9 months so I figured I need to send it back before the warranty expires. Has anyone else had these issues?
    Cheyanne C.
    November 29, 2018
    This curling iron changed my life. It took me a few try's to get used to it but it is amazing! I used it on my mom for her wedding day and her curls did not even begin to fall. You have so much control and I love the heat settings.
    Kelly From Auburn, AL
    November 29, 2018
    Easy to use. I'm horrible at curling my hair with anything. This was simple. I love the Chi brand and this iron doesn't disappoint. My curls don't seem to last very long though. But im sure with toying with some products or something I can resolve that.
    Ashley D.
    November 29, 2018
    My sisters I’ll admit but that doesn’t stop me from using it. I love how fast the CHI warms up, how gentle it is with my hair. I barely have any split ends thanks to the chi heat protector in the pump bottle. It’s amazing and smells great!
    Kaila D.
    November 29, 2018
    Yes, it’s expensive but CHI does no wrong with this curling wand! I’ve had mine for 4 years now and it still functions like brand new. Not really great for super short hair, but medium-long = good. Various heat settings are also really helpful. Heats up FAST!
    November 29, 2018
    This hair tool is great. Very innovative. It is self-explanatory as far as using. However, it is very hard to use if you have layers. My hair does not stick in the clamp because of my layers. It only grabs a part of my hair and misses the other pieces. I want to love this, but I barely use it!
    AB From Phoenix, AZ
    November 29, 2018
    My only complaint with this product is how long it is, which makes it a little challenging to pack when traveling, but other than that it is great! I have never been successful curling my own hair, partly because I am just not good at it and partly because my hair does not hold. When using the ARC the first time, I found it so easy to use and the curls held so well. Also, some were complaining about the size of the clamp, but I found it to be similar to the other automatic curlers on the market.
    Erica M.
    November 29, 2018
    This hair tool is great for those with experience handling hot tools. The packaging itself is very pretty in red and golden is a chi brand so it has high quality ceramic. The swivel and rotating wand is convenient for curling long hair or rolling the ends straight up vertical or horizontal. Saves on all the wrist rotation. It gets very very hot and does have a digital screen with temperature display. I would definitely recommend this to someone who has used a curling or straightening iron before, esp a hair dresser. I would not reccomend this one to someone who has zero experience with hot tools as they may burn themselves. The non spring /swivel chi iron is a better bet for Them.
    Ash M
    November 23, 2018
    Perfect and easy curls.
    Janice Cash
    October 25, 2018
    Would definitely recommend Fast heating, long lasting curls, and so easy to use.
    Lauren Young
    October 24, 2018
    I love this styling iron because it makes curling hair so easy
    Kellyj From Tennessee
    September 25, 2018
    This curling iron works amazingly. Curled hair on Thursday and had great spirals. Still have pretty waves on Saturday.
    Nina From Santa Clara
    September 25, 2018
    Heats up in like 30 seconds and curls my hair so quick! I love the alarm that lets you know how long to hold your hair in the curler. Pros:Durable,Good Quality,Heats Up Fast,Multiple Settings,Works Great
    Glamy From Portland
    September 25, 2018
    I have very long straight hard to curl Asian/Latin hair. I've tried everything from drugstore curling devices to as seen on tv, to high end hair curling things, and nothing works this easily. I don't know what magic is in this chi arc, but wow. It actually curls my hair with amazing long lasting curls. I use it at around 360°, I hold my hair wrapped around it until it beeps, clamp and unclamp the clip until the ends are quickly curled, I release the clip pulling the iron straight down and out of hair, and I'm finished in 15-20 mins. And that's fast for the amount of hair I have. I can get away with 3 whole days of curled hair in humid weather with this curling iron(days 3 hair is usually in a pony) Amazing. I thought the T3 whirl trio was the biz, nope this beats it. The most important thing about this curling iron is that it's really easy to use and fast, which has empowered me to curl my hair almost every time. I wish I had discovered this thing sooner. I thought the motorized wrap feature would be just another gimmick, but it really works and saves effort.
    Tarik Paris
    August 15, 2018
    I struggled with getting the curl right. I got it now and I love it!
    Addie G. Cyr
    August 14, 2018
    Works better than all my other curling irons. Holds the curls all day as long as I add hairspray.
    Cindy Tamayo
    August 14, 2018
    This one has lasted me for over a year and still works like new! Curls fast, different temp variations, easy to use, would recommend!
    Judy Scott
    August 2, 2018
    Fantastic curling iron. Very easy to use and gives me curls that last three days. I’d recommend this to anyone!
    Olivia Jolly
    August 2, 2018
    I have never been able to hold a curl before. Not even a perm. This curling iron is absolutely amazing.
    July 23, 2018
    Very easy to use to get beach waves. I love the temperature control for my fine hair.
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