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CHI Onyx Euroshine Hair Dryer

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  • 1875W DC Motor
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Onyx-Ceramic Oil coated dryer grill
  • 2 point Ion Generator helps produce incredible shine
  • Short dryer body for a more direct targeted heat
  • Easily adjustable rocker switch for heat and speed settings


  • Air Concentrator






CHI Onyx Euro Shine Hair Dryer offers a mid -sized, European inspired design. It’s compact nozzle eliminates unnecessary air travel, providing a stronger, more concentrated airflow for faster styling. It also features a dryer grill infused with Onyx Ceramic, promoting negative Ion distribution for intense shine enhancement. In addition, a flat dryer vent offers an even backend surface for rapid cool air application to quickly lock in styles.


The Onyx Euroshine Hair Dryer helps produce incredible shine without sacrificing power.

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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for CHI Onyx Euroshine Hair Dryer

  1. Addison B.

    I’ve never had a problem with this dryer it’s a comfortable dryer for blow outs or just blow drying hair, this Chi Onyx Euroshine Hair Dryer is my go to hairdryer I recommend this to Cosmetology students and people who have been in the feild for years!

  2. Ama J.

    I love how smooth my hair comes out with this. The price is up there but I can tell the difference between cheaper dryers I’ve had. My hair is a nappy texture and this tool makes blow drying much easier.

  3. Zinah Beauty B.

    I think it is soooo good it dry your hair super fast . I love it so much and I think it is amazing I already tride it and it helps me with my school. Whene I take showers and I don’t have time to dry my hair but I know that now I don’t anymore. I always still take shower and it helps me get my hair dry a little bit faster than it normally do.

  4. Karina C.

    This product is amazing and I would continue buying it however it is also very affordable and it is very easy to find at any local store of your. This is a product that many people don’t think about as a brand to use but people should give things a try because it can really change your way of thinking ☺️

  5. Kurstin L.

    I bought this hair dryer after my 15 year old hair dryer finally died (in a ball of smoke I might add). I love it! It helps give my hair volume and the cooling feature is perfect to keep my hair dry but not fried!

  6. Robin H.

    This blow dryer is the holy grail . I’m not much of a stylist but this bad boy will leave your hair so soft after the dry it’s so nice and the heat temps and everything are just right

  7. Twinkle S.

    you can never go wrong with chi! I have had this hair dryer for the longest time and it still works perfectly fine! It easily dries my hair and leave it smooth. It is expensive but worth it since i have had it for so long.

  8. Kat M.

    Absolutely love this hairdryer for both straightening and curling. It’s salon quality and comes with attachments. Great price.

  9. Natasha O.

    This is great a lot of power to dry quickly in a convenient size . It’s the perfect plug

  10. Briana R.

    I prefer their straighteners but I know that I’ve used their blow dryer on my hair and it worked fantastically. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who wants a quality hair dryer. It’s worth the investment to save the extra time everyday!

  11. Tatyana K.

    Pretty amazing… love that the cord is retractable.. super happy about that. Also, the temp is super easy to adjust and it feels like with this blow dryer my hair dries so much quicker

  12. Grace L.

    Amazing hair dryer. It drys evenly and cleanly. It heats up quickly. It is lightweight. Works well. I recommend.

  13. Gab E.

    Love this blow dryer, the hype is real. This is definitely a powerful blow dryer. Gets the job done nice and fast!

  14. Julie Isola

    Mine just died in a ball of smoke after less than a year!! Not happy!

  15. Wendy Quamina (verified owner)

    I love the Chi dryer… but I cannot help but wonder why not sell it with a comb attachment also? It is very upsetting to search far and wide online for a comb attachment that may not fit!

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