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CHI Touch 2 Dryer

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  • Touch screen control: New touch screen design with easily adjustable speedometer dials for speed, temperature, and ion control.
  • New design: Lighter and more compact with a concave handle for a more comfortable grip position.
  • 3D ion generation system: Emits over three times more ions to reduce frizz.
  • Hands-free: Back of dryer can be used as a stand on a flat surface for hands-free drying.
  • CHI ceramic technology: Provides moist heat and keeps a consistent temperature to aid in reducing thermal heat styling damage.


  • Silk Infusion 2oz
  • Iron Guard 2oz


  • Drying Nozzle
  • Diffuser





Experience the second generation of touch-screen styling with the new design of the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer. Slimmer and superiorly lightweight, it features a compact 2.4 inch touch screen control and a unique speedometer easily customizable intelligent settings, including controlling the speed, temperature, and ionic output.

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Reviews (33)

33 reviews for CHI Touch 2 Dryer

  1. Kerri Nicholson

    I too love my Chi 2. Totally believe it’s worth the money, and it has changed how I feel about drying my hair! BUT…the air concentrate accessory falls off about 10 times during every dry. It’s absolutely maddening. Perhaps it’s a fluke. I was hoping to read more complaints about this issue. But it seems like it’s just me.

  2. Jennifer

    I love this dryer. The multiple heat/speed/ion settings make it a great dryer for any hair type. The only issue I have is that the concentrator attachment falls off once I’ve been using the dryer for about 5 minutes. This has become very frustrating for me, because I have to keep turning the dryer off and attempting to reattach the concentrator, only for it to happen again within a minute or two. It’s hard to believe this dryer is marketed as a professional product when you can’t even keep the concentrator attached to the unit. I have never dropped this dryer, and I don’t ever take the concentrator off my dryer; I use it every time I dry my hair. So my issue is not from constantly putting the attachment on and taking it off. It seems more like poor design in my opinion. I had a cheapy Conair hair dryer before buying this Touch2, and I have to say that the concentrator never fell off that dryer even once. If Conair can figure out how to securely attach a concentrator, why can’t CHI? This would be a 5-star dryer for me if it weren’t for the concentrator issue.

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