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Blonde Enhancing Purple Conditioner


Purchase this product to earn 28-64 Points! Worth $1.40-$3.20!
Purchase this product to earn 28-64 Points! Worth $1.40-$3.20!

How it Works

It protects color and deposits violet pigments to neutralize and eliminate unwanted brassy, yellow tones in blonde and grey hair. It strengthens and hydrates strands from the inside out, helping replenish with moisture and protect against damage and fading. It’s perfect for maintaining and refreshing hair color, leaving hair cool and bright with added softness and radiant shine.

About the Collection

Royal Treatment Color Gloss – Blonde Enhancing is a color care line designed for blonde and grey hair to neutralize unwanted brassy, yellow tones. It keeps them as cool as ever. It’s great for maintaining and refreshing both color-treated hair and natural hair color while also providing optimal color protection. It’s formulated without sulfates; it doesn’t strip away color and keeps it fresh by working within the hair structure to target and preserve color pigments by extending vibrancy. It helps replenish hair with moisture and balances pH, sealing cuticles to guard against damage and UV exposure. It keeps hair healthy and shiny for long-lasting color.  

Who’s it For?

  • It’s for the professional stylist looking for a color-protecting treatment system that maintains healthy hair with long-lasting color. It’s for porous, color-treated and chemically processed hair.
  • It’s for the consumer looking for an after-care product that will help maintain and extend color in-between coloring services while also keeping hair healthy and shiny.

Shipping Weight

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12 fl oz, 32 fl oz

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