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Ask yourself: When was the last time you cleaned your blow dryer? Never? We thought so. Lucky for you, the CHI Nano Hair Dryer’s Nano Silver and Blue LED lights help kill bacteria and buildup providing cleaner air for healthier hair.

Why is this so important? A dirty blow dryer can get clogged by hair, dust, dirt, and hairspray. The buildup can cause the blow dryer to overheat, which leads to split ends and breakage. The Rapid Clean Technology of the CHI Nano Hair Dryer, however, keeps the inside of the dryer free from bacterial buildup, germs, dandruff and more for an overall healthier drying experience.

Think that is impressive? Get this: the NASA-inspired Nano Silver & Blue Light Technology sends out wavelengths to kill bacteria and microorganisms in the surrounding air. Hospitals and other medical facilities use similar technology to help sterilize airborne pathogens and surfaces for cleaner air.

If that’s not enough, the CHI Nano Hair Dryer also boasts a dual air-intake system, ionic ceramic technology, and an 1875W ceramic motor to produce a stronger airflow. This will reduce your drying time in half while sealing in moisture and shine. 

 The CHI Nano Hair Dryer is not the only forward-thinking technology created with healthcare in mind. In an effort to limit the viral spread of the novel coronavirus, Farouk Systems, Inc. recently launched a new category of hygienic products known as HEALTH + CARE. These products were created to help to keep essential workers and consumers safe.

Want to see all of the products in HEALTH + CARE? From the latest blow dryer technology to hand sanitizers to sanitizing wands, these health-conscious heroes were created with you in mind. Shop them all below.

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