Farouk Systems, Inc. Launches Beyond Glow Botanical Skincare

Global leaders in beauty and technology, Farouk Systems, Inc. and LG Household and HealthCare, Ltd. collaborate in a joint venture to bring the most advanced and cutting-edge products for customers worldwide, launching Beyond Glow Botanical Skin Care.

Beyond Glow is a unique natural skin care line inspired by Korean Beauty, catering to consumers looking for instant moisture and glow. The 8-piece collection offers intense moisture benefits to alleviate dull, dry skin, promoting a healthy routine, revealing youthful-looking, radiant and glowing skin. Rich in nature and focused on delivering results in simple and easy steps, this nature-friendly line provides a simple-step regimen to gently cleanse, smooth and intensely moisturize the skin for an overall healthy appearance and glow. The line particularly focuses on rising trends like Transparent & Somber-Free Skin (Somber skin = skin layers that have a reduction in glow caused by uneven skin tones and surfaces).

The line’s truly remarkable feature stems from how the products are actually created. Each item is crafted by a Korean guru using an ancient traditional local recipe, formulated specially for moisture and retention, offering glowing skin and a fresh approach to natural ingredients. Beyond Glow is formulated with a Moisture Complex featuring Botanicals, Wheat Sprout & Jeju Bamboo from Jeju Island, one of the cleanest areas on Earth.

All of these ingredients are processed using special technologies that maximize efficacies which help to preserve the potency of raw ingredients from plant to formula. Harnessing nature through ancient philosophies, this line of fermented skincare delivers the energy of nature and the secret of K-beauty to the world.


BEYOND GLOW®’s “Dam-Um” effectively delivers rich moisture & nutrients into the skin:

  • Mixes Malt Extracts (makes the particles of nutrients smaller) and Wheat Sprout with morning drops (contains rich nutrition & moisture)
  • Mixture is aged for 7 hours
  • Adds in Jeju bamboo (Sasa Quelpaertensis) to improve efficacy of this, so BEYOND GLOW®’s own secret is created

As global beauty leaders for 100 years collectively, FSI and LGH&H share common interests in innovation and ethical standards. Combining skills and knowledge in hair and skincare, this joint venture will provide the beauty industry with its coupled expertise. Collaborating with LGH&H, Korea’s leading skincare expert, Farouk Systems’ Beyond Glow Botanical Skin Care unmasks the reviving and advantageous powers of nature while unleashing the pure effects of botanical ingredients.


Wheat-Sprout - Beyond Glow Skincare Icon

Wheat Sprout

Following a local traditional recipe from Korea, nutrients are deeply extracted through a boiling and cooling process.

Comprised of rich moisture and nutrients, delivers intense moisture and retention benefits. Containing essential vitamins with high antioxidant levels, stressed skin is relieved.

Wheat-Sprout - Beyond Glow Skincare Icon

Jeju Bamboo

One of the smallest bamboo species and native to Halla Mountain in Jeju Island, brightens and soothes skin.

This antioxidant revitalizes to improve imperfections and help restore a youthful-looking appearance and glow.

Wheat-Sprout - Beyond Glow Skincare Icon

Moisture Complex

Combining a Botanical base with Wheat Sprout and Jeju Bamboo derived from Jeju Island, ingredients are aged to create a Moisture Complex. Formulated to properly moisturize and balance the skin, the complex contains moisture retention, smoothing, and nourishing properties.

Aiding in nutritional effects, Wheat Sprout helps with moisture and acts as a powerhouse to fuel the skin leaving it moisturized and softened. Helping to brighten and firm, the Jeju Bamboo improves imperfections and help to restore a youthful-looking appearance. Together, skin is refreshed and receives an effective glow due to the soothing effects of the botanicals.



Cleansing Oil

2-in-1 pre-cleansing solution removes makeup and cleanses oil-based impurities in one step without stripping skin of natural oils.


Foam Cleaner

Cleanses while soothing dry skin. Rich, creamy lather washes away excess oil and impurities.


Smoothing Peeling Gel

Lightly exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities revealing a smooth, healthy-looking glow. Improves skin texture, eliminates dullness and includes natural cellulose for peeling effect.


Moisture Eye Cream

Delivers intense moisture and improves elasticity, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.


Moisture Balancing Toner

Balances while removing excess oil, impurities, or any traces of makeup. Helps to soothe skin and minimize the appearance of pores. Supports healthy skin by boosting effectiveness of skin care without stripping natural oils.


Moisture Essence

Provides ultra-lightweight moisture and alleviates skin of dullness and dryness. Helps to improve complexion and brighten appearance.


Moisture Boost Cream

Provides long-lasting, rich moisture while soothing and calming the skin to reveal a natural glow. Increased intense moisture for over 24 hrs. Supports healthy skin, improving and smoothing texture.


Aqua Boost Cream

Provides skin with lightweight moisture. Soothes and calms skin with a healthy-looking, dewy finish. 104% moisture increase. Soothes skin and balances oil.

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