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Celebrate Black History Month with Chi

Hair textures come in different types, forms and sizes which is why it’s important to maintain your hair in its best condition.  Because African American hair can be considered course, we recommend using our CHI Deep Brilliance or CHI Aloe Vera collections to keep your crown full, healthy and gorgeous.

Tips to Avoid Heat Damage:

  1. 1. Preparing Your Hair:

    Before creating that exquisite hairstyle you’ve been wanting to try or even making a trip to the salon, it is vital that you do a deep wash and condition on your hair. By applying heat while there is still a build up of old product can cause damage and you’re unlikely to receive a “sleek” finish.

    Tip: The CHI Aloe Vera Oil can be applied to either wet or dry hair. This product is good for preventing breakage and promoting long lasting, soft and healthy hair.

  2. 2. Detangle:

    Now that your hair is all clean, it is time to thoroughly detangle it which will help prevent any tension or breakage when styling. To make this process easier, we suggested creating subsections throughout your hair and then doing a good comb through.

    Tip: If you use a hair dryer heat on your hair, use a comb or paddle brush attachment to help with detangling and making your blowout become straighter.

  3. 3. Protect:

    Next, we encourage you to apply some heat protectant spray. Serving as a shield between your hair and the styling tool, heat protectant spray is good for tackling fizziness and locking in moisture.

    Tip: The CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection is perfect for adding nutrients, vitamins and adding moisture to your hair before applying heat.

  4. 4. Knowing the Right Temperature:

    Using styling tools that have a heat adjustment setting is great because you can then control what temperature is perfect for your hair texture.

    Tip: If you are using a flat iron to style your hair, the temperature should be no higher than 400℉.

Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi line

Ideal for coarse or chemically treated hair, the CHI Deep Brilliance line will supply you with moisture and restore your hair to its natural pH level.

CHI Aloe Vera | CHIAloeVera-ProductLineUp

In addition, the CHI Aloe Vera collection can help define, revive or enhance your natural curls while retaining moisture and increasing elasticity.

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