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The all new, 100% vegan haircare collection, CHI Vibes is finally here! Featuring three amazing products and one unique styling tool. This collection is perfect for anyone who loves creating beautiful beachin’ waves and curls while using styling products that are unique and good for their hair.

Having two options is better than one, right? This is exactly why you need the CHI Vibes “Better Together” Dual Mist Hairspray. With this spray, there is a unique, adjustable nozzle that lets you choose between spraying your hair with a “good hold” vs. a “great hold.”

Love it!

CHI Vibes Dual Spray Infographic - Dual Mist

Good Hold

Perfect for styling, the “good hold” spray gives off a natural hold when creating beach waves and taming flyaways.

Great Hold

Providing an even stronger hold, the “great hold” nozzle is perfect for maintaining tight curls, updos, braids or sleek ponytails.

CHI Vibes Dual Spray Infographic - Dual Mist

White Tea

  • Strengthens the hair through powerful antioxidants
  • Reduces redness through soothing properties
  • Restores natural shine
  • Protects hair from sun damage


  • Reduces the appearance of dry, brittle hair
  • Improves elasticity
  • Provides moisture

Conditioning Blend of Natural Botanicals

  • Conditions hair
  • Provides natural shine and luster


  • Conditions and protects delicate tresses
  • Soothes dry skin and scalp
  • Improves elasticity and strength
  • Retains moisture
  • Forms a barrier to seal moisture
  • Reduces frizz
CHI Vibes Dual Spray Infographic - Dual Mist

Better together than apart, being able to choose which hold you want with the CHI Vibes “Better Together” Dual Mist Hairspray is the perfect reason why this is the only product you’ll need when styling and finishing your look!

CHI Vibes Dual Spray Infographic - Dual Mist

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CHI Vibes Better Together Dual Mist Hair Spray

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