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Red is more than a color, it’s an attitude. It’s fiery, fierce and a fabulous way to amplify your look. So, if you want to channel energy and attention like an electrical charge, let this Volcano hue created with CHI Chromashine inspire you. Transform your color into a show-stopping statement with this step-by-step tutorial by CHI Global Artist Monica Willems.



Get The Look:

Pre-Lightening Formula: CHI Blondest Blonde + equal parts CHI Color Generator 30 volume

Root Shade Formula: Equal parts of CHI Shine Shades 4RR + 3N + CHI Color Generator 10 Volume

Formula 1: 2 oz. of Dangerously Red

Formula 2: 1 oz. of Orange You Obsessed + ½ oz. Mellow My Yellow

Formula 3: 1 oz. Pearl White and 1 drop of Dangerously Red



Apply the Root Shade Formula, 1/8 in away from the scalp throughout the entire root. Then use the Pre-Lightening Formula starting 2” from the scalp through to the ends. Process the hair for 30 minutes.


Step 1: Use the CHI Keratin Mist to prep the hair before coloring, this will infuse protein into the hair and even out the pH levels.

Step 2: Section the hair into 3 sections, from the fringe to the center of the crown and from behind the ear across the crown to the opposite side.  

Step 3: Create a zig zag part from the base of the crown to the nape area. At the nape leave a 1” diagonal sub-section on both sides of the parting. Then clip the remaining hair away.

Step 4: If needed, use your comb to detangle the hair before applying your color. Start at the nape, apply Formula 1 to the root area and drag down towards the mid-shaft.   

Step 5: Continue with Formula 1, down to the mid-shaft. Turn your color brush horizontal and feather the color into the strand creating a V. Use the same feathering technique to apply Formula 2 from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Step 6: For the next area along the occipital bone, apply Formula 1 to the roots area only. Continue this process throughout the area. Then apply Formula 2 slightly above the mid-shaft area and blend the two colors with your fingers or a comb.

Pro Tip: To ensure that the quadrant is fully saturated, apply color to both sides of the hair strand and blend thoroughly. 

Step 7: Working towards the crown repeat step 4. Then alternate Formula 1 and 2, repeating the technique in steps 5 – 7 throughout the remaining back quadrants.

Step 8: Repeat step 4 at the crown area. Then alternate the placement of Formula 1 and 2 and Formula 2 and 3 on a few strands. Use the technique from step 6 in this area.

Step 9: At the front and sides apply Formula 1 to the roots area only. Fully saturate the last strand above the ear and place a foil underneath to avoid staining. Then take diagonal parts and use the alternating techniques from step 8 up to the zig zag parting. 

Step 10: At the front fringe, apply Formula 1 to the opposite side along the part. Place foils along the parting to avoid staining. Then repeat the alternation placement and techniques from steps 8 and 9 throughout the remaining sections.

Processing Time:

Allow the hair to process. Rinse thoroughly with luke-warm water, shampoo and towel blot. Apply CHI Color Lock Treatment for 5 minutes to lower the pH and rinse with cool water.


Pro Tip: For intense vibrant deposit a longer processing time may be used


Final Look:

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