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As those in the beauty, hospitality, and education industry grapple with ways to safely operate during the COVID-19 pandemic, the CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer shines its ultraviolet light as a beacon of hope.

Now more than ever, businesses are in dire need of tools that are effective when it comes to keeping their facilities, employees, and consumers safe from germs. Thankfully, the CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer serves as a solution.

This high-tech tool is the newest Farouk Systems, Inc. creation under it’s Health + Care category. It eliminates up to 99.9% of allergens such as bacteria, viruses, and more through the effective use of ultraviolet light disinfection – a well-studied technique that has long been used in medical facilities to sanitize rooms and kill bacteria. It is now gaining prominence in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, and save lives.

Designed for both functionality and beauty, the CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer was specifically created with smart technology, complete with a remote control, and safety features to help disinfect salons, restaurants, classrooms, hotels, cruise lines, offices, and more. It offers a unique and complete disinfection solution loaded with several features to help keep people safe and at ease. Learn more about its game-changing features below.

CHI Life Room Sanitizer 2

CHI Life Germicidal UV Light Sanitizer


  • Open mode for complete UV  light saturation. 20-30- second delay for people to  leave the room as a safety feature
  • Closed mode for less UV  light saturation or when  people are nearby
  • Built-in fans for  air ventilation
  • Two germicidal UVC light bulbs
  • Concealed handle for  easy movement
  • Energy efficient design. 3 pre-set timers  make it easy to sanitize

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