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lift - CHI BOND

Infused with hemp oil and aloe vera, the CHI Bond + Lightening System is great for protecting and strengthening your hair while also lifting it up to 9+ levels. Because it has a low pH level with natural bond builders, this formula is able to reduce any hair damage and rebuild keratin bonds all while adding a layer of protection to the scalp while you are getting your hair colored or lightened.

CHI Bond + Lightening System

New Techniques the Bond + Lightening System Can Be Useful For:

  • Balayage: a technique used to highlight hair by painting the dye on to create a “natural” look
  • Color melt: a technique used to blend different highlights with your natural hair color, ensuring no clear distinction.

Holographic hair color: a combination of multidimensional pastel highlights that appear to change colors depending on the type of lighting you are around. This hair color has the ability to have a “3D effect” in your hair.

lift - CHI BOND

Bond, Seal and Protect: Perfect for you or your professional hair stylist, the CHI Bond + Seal Treatment is able to lighten and color your hair without causing any destruction.

Extreme Level Lifting: Perfect for extreme level lifting and the color corrective process, the CHI Bleach + Shine Lightener can help you and your stylist achieve your hair color goals while also protecting and leaving your scalp in its best condition.

Fun Fact: The CHI Bond + Lightening System includes natural bonders within Bleach & Shine and Bond & Seal to help protect and strengthen bonds before, during and after color/lightening services.


CHI Bond & Seal Treatment


CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener

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