Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Organic Aloe Vera - CHI Hand Sanitizer
CHI Health + Care Hand Sanitizer

92% Natural Ingredients


Kills 99.9% of germs


Moisturizes Dry Skin


Natural Aloe Vera


92% natural, Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Soothing Aloe Vera keeps hands soft and moisturized while killing 99.9% of germs on the go!

Natural grown Aloe Vera packed with essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids along with glycerin to sooth and seal in moisture for silky, smooth skin.


Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol)
A natural byproduct of plant fermentation, has a slight characteristic odor and is used in medical and cosmetic applications for its antiseptic properties. Being effective in killing microorganisms like germs, it is a common ingredient in many hand sanitizers.

In situations where soap and water are not available, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol to reduce the number of germs on your hands.


Aloe Vera
Containing a vast amount of essential nutrients and vitamins, offers excellent moisturizing properties while soothing dry skin. Utilizing the benefits of amino acids, the natural humectant retains moisture with the presence of sugar, water and polysaccharides. Moisture is locked in and sealed, leaving hands soft and moisturized.

Obtained from plant sources like sugarcane, corn and other various vegetables, the humectant has been established as a good skin moisturizing agent for its ability to retain moisture. Often used in pharmaceutical grade applications to moisturize and improve dry skin.


Sulfate, Paraben, Glutten, Silicone, Triclosan, Preservatives.
*Not available to ship to Hawaii or Alaska

Essential hygiene tool gets a much needed upgrade.

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    Moisturizing Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera & Lavender

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  • cleaning, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, vera

    Moisturizing Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera & Gardenia

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  • Moisturizing, packed, essential, nutrients, clean, natural - Sanitizer Spray

    Moisturizing Sanitizer Spray with Aloe Vera & Pomegranate

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  • BioSilk Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera 25 fl. oz. - BioSilk Health + Beauty

    BioSilk Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer

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  • Biosilk-Hand-Sanitizer-Spray-Mock-8oz

    Moisturizing Hand 2 Sanitizer Spray with Alcohol & Peroxide

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  • CHI Cleansing Alcohol - 12 fl. oz.

    CHI Cleansing Alcohol with Aloe, Tea Tree & Lavender

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  • BioSilk Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer 12 fl. oz. - BioSilk Health + Beauty

    Biosilk Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

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  • CHI Hand Sanitizer mock_26oz

    CHI Natural Gardens Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

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Give the Gift of Beauty + Safety

Give the Gift of Beauty + Safety

In addition to the Health + Beauty Antibacterial line, BioSilk has also created the Health + Beauty Hand Sanitizer made specially with aloe vera, Glycerin and Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol). The advantage this hand sanitizer has amongst others is that it is made with natural ingredients to create a pleasant fragrance, it moisturizes your hands all while killing 99.9% of germs.

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CHI Life Wand Blog

Due to the pandemic, it is no secret that we are currently in “trying times” right now but we may have found a device to make things all better: The CHI Handheld UV Light Wand! Whether you are in the comfort of your home or out somewhere in public, this portable and compact device is a must have!

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