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CHI Texture – Create brilliantly polished, smooth, and sleek hairstyles with this 1” hairstyling iron featuring Black Titanium plates. Black Titanium plates heat quickly, more evenly, retain heat better and reach a maximum temperature of up to 450°F. Adjustable temperature settings allow for customized styling for fine to highly-textured hair.

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  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Shine-Serum

    CHI Deep Brilliance Shine Serum Lightweight Leave-In Treatment

    (15) $2.31$35.23 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Optinum-Shine-Sheen

    CHI Deep Brilliance Optimum Shine Sheen Spray

    (9) $6.72 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Moisture-Conditioner

    CHI Deep Brilliance Optimum Moisture Conditioner

    (12) $6.00$33.60 or subscribe and save up to 15% Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Serum

    Enviro Smoothing Serum

    (7) $15.18 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Conditioner

    Enviro Smoothing Conditioner

    (4) $7.98$43.98 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Moisture-Shampoo

    CHI Deep Brilliance Optimum Moisture Shampoo

    (10) $15.23$33.60 or subscribe and save up to 15% Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Deep-Protein-Masque

    CHI Deep Brilliance Protein Masque

    (12) $18.90 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Shampoo

    Enviro Smoothing Shampoo

    (8) $6.30$43.98 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray

    Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray

    (5) $15.18 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Flexible-Hold-Spray

    CHI Deep Brilliance Finish Flexible Hold Spray

    (5) $6.40$21.00 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-DeepBriliance-HairIron

    CHI Deep Brilliance 1″ Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron

    (10) $119.99 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Smooth-Edge

    CHI Deep Brilliance Smooth Edge High Shine & Firm Hold

    (8) $13.13 Quick viewAdd to cart
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