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Cremes + Gels + Oils

Create smooth, sleek, or textured looks with the ability to recreate styles using CHI products featuring silk to provide hair with strength, incredible shine, and thermal protection. These formulas work on all hair types, each providing a multitude of styling possibilities and finishes.

CHI Products protect and maintain hair’s strength and resilience, building a natural layer of resistance to damage. This unique compound uses ceramic and proteins to provide outstanding hair protection. The Cremes + Gels + Oils work in conjunction with thermal styling tools to impart luster and strength for a vibrant appearance.

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  • CHI Body Lotion 6 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare - Professional Haircare

    CHI Body Lotion

    $12.95 Add to cart
  • CHI Argan Oil 3oz - CHI Argan Oil Haircare

    CHI Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment

    $2.38$25.30 Select options
  • CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Dry Oil 3 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare

    CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blend Dry Oil

    $2.42$19.80 Select options
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Shine-Serum

    CHI Deep Brilliance Shine Serum Lightweight Leave-In Treatment

    $2.20$33.55 Select options
  • CHI-Tea-Tree-Oil-Tea-Tree-Serum

    CHI Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Serum

    $2.75$21.98 Select options
  • CHI-AloeVera-Moisturizing-Curl-Cream-5

    CHI Aloe Vera Moisturizing Curl Cream

    $25.00 Add to cart
  • CHI-Styling-CHI-InfraGel

    CHI Infra Gel

    $15.98 Add to cart
  • CHI-Styling-CHI-StraightGuard

    CHI Straight Guard

    $15.98 Add to cart
  • CHI-AloeVera-Control-Gel-5

    CHI Aloe Vera Control Gel

    $21.00 Add to cart
  • CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Curl Cream 5 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare

    CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blend Curl Defining Cream-Gel

    $20.00 Add to cart
  • CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blow Dry Cream 6 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare

    CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blend Blow Dry Cream

    $15.40 Add to cart
  • Royal-Treatment-Brilliance-Cream

    Royal Treatment Brilliance Cream

    $19.96 Add to cart
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