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brilliant shine

brilliant shine

Chroma Intense Dye Technology was created for longer-lasting and more intense colors. Direct dyes deposit easily on bleached or pre-lightened hair while simultaneously deeply conditioning. Using silk proteins to help strengthen the hair and add brilliant shine, hair appears brighter and more vibrant.

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  • Chromashine-VivaViolet

    CHI Chromashine Viva Violet

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-DangerouslyRed

    CHI Chromashine Dangerously Red

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-OutOfTheBlue

    CHI Chromashine Out of the Blue

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-PearlWhite

    CHI Chromashine Pearl White

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-GrassRoots

    CHI Chromashine Grass Roots

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-Onyx

    CHI Chromashine Onyx

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-ShadesOfGray

    CHI Chromashine Shades of Gray

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-PaintTin

    CHI Chromashine Artistic Kit

    $159.98 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-MellowMyYellow

    CHI Chromashine Mellow My Yellow

    $21.00 Buy Now
  • Chromashine-OrangeYouObsessed

    CHI Chromashine Orange You Obsessed

    $21.00 Buy Now
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