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CHI Turbo Brushes utilize the latest technology. The ergonomic design of the CHI turbo brushes make them an optimum styling tool for professionals as well as consumers.

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  • Ceramic Round Nylon Medium Brush - CHI Tools

    CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Nylon Brush

    $15.69$16.80 Select options
  • CHI Detangling Brush

    CHI Turbo Detangling Brush

    $12.60 Add to cart
  • Ceramic Round Boar Medium Brush

    CHI Turbo Ceramic Round Boar Brush

    $18.80$21.00 Select options
  • CHI Large Paddle Brush

    CHI Turbo Large Paddle Brush

    $16.80 Add to cart
  • CHI Styling Brush

    CHI Turbo Styling Brush

    $14.80 Add to cart
  • CHI Small Paddle Brush

    CHI Turbo Small Paddle Brush

    $14.80 Add to cart
  • CHI Two Sided Vent Brush

    CHI Turbo 2-Sided Vent Brush

    $14.80 Add to cart
  • CHI Turbo Vent Brush

    CHI Turbo Vent Brush

    $11.50 Add to cart
  • 9 Row Styling Brush

    CHI Turbo 9-Row Styling Brush

    $14.70 Read more
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