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CHI Enviro

CHI Enviro

Provides maximum moisture and smoothness to frizzy, uncontrollable hair. Silk proteins penetrate hair to condition and create incredible shine.

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  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Serum

    Enviro Smoothing Serum

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  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Conditioner

    Enviro Smoothing Conditioner

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  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Shampoo

    Enviro Smoothing Shampoo

    (8) $6.30$43.98 Quick view3 SizesSelect options
  • CHI Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray

    Enviro Smoothing Shine Spray

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  • CHI-Enviro-Stay-Smooth-BlowOut-Spray

    Enviro Stay Smooth Blow Out Spray

    (5) $27.18 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Enviro-Smoothing-Masque

    Enviro Smoothing Masque

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  • CHI-Enviro-Purity-Shampoo

    Enviro Purity Shampoo

    (4) $7.98$53.98 Quick view3 SizesSelect options

    Enviro American Smoothing Treatment Highlighted Porous and Fine Hair

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  • CHI-Enviro-COLOR-TREATED-HAIR-12floz

    Enviro American Smoothing Treatment Colored and Chemically Treated Hair

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    Enviro American Smoothing Treatment Virgin and Resistant Hair

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