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Addison Rae

The viral TikTok star-turned-pop singer Addison Rae donned a sleek look created with The Sparkler by CHI Haircare for her first live performance on a late-night TV show to promote her new single Obsessed! Covered in over 3,000 genuine crystals, this styling tool can add a little extra glam to your everyday styling experience. If you are looking to create this style,  Addison Rae’s hairstylist Danielle Priano gave us some exclusive tips on how you can achieve Addison Rae’s look using CHI Haircare products!

Get The Look

Step One: First, apply CHI Volume Booster onto your wet hair.

Step Two: Then, take hair into 1-2 inch sections, and individually blow dry them using the CHI 1875 Series Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer with a brush.

Step Three: Take The Sparkler, and with 1-inch sections, apply it to your hair moving the wand into a “C” shape through the hair to create a curve. You can also add volume by raising your roots.

Step Four: Afterwards, part your hair in the middle to create symmetry.

Step Five: Use your fingers to tease the hair outward at the crown to enforce the added volume.

Step Six: At the ears, use pins to pull the hair behind your ears to keep the fringe out of your face. Remove pins at the end.

Step Seven: With The Sparkler, style the ends of the hair under for shape.

Step Eight: Finish off your look using the CHI Infra Texture Hairspray and CHI Shine Infusion.

“I loved using Chi Haircare for today’s look! The overall vibe was 90’s glam. Addison Rae is emerging as a musical artist, and the team decided to channel some of her personal musical muses from that era. The Sparkler flat iron was so fun to use (hello, bling!) to add some fun, silky bounce to Addison Rae’s gorgeous locks.”
-Danielle Priano


The Sparkler

CHI The Sparkler

CHI 1875 Series Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

CHI 1875 Series Advanced Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

CHI Volume Booster


CHI Shine Infusion

CHI Shine Infusion

CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray


CHI Infra Gel

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