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CHI Lava Hair Dryer

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Made with Volcanic Lava and Ceramic heater that provides gentle consistent heat during styling. The combination of volcanic lava and ceramic allows styling at lower temperatures than normal which produces less damage to the hair while offering smooth, shiny results.


  • Volcanic Lava Ceramic heater provides less damage to the hair offering smooth, shiny results
  • Volcanic and ceramic minerals are embedded into the honeycomb ceramic lava heater
  • Volcanic ceramic minerals conduct negative ions automatically
  • Lava ceramic ions smooth, reduce frizz and lock-in shine providing moist heat for healthier hair
  • Cold air temperature for setting styles
  • Slide switch prevents from turning dryer off accidentally
  • Energy saver up to 50%
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-life DC motor
  • Three locking attachments; smaller concentrated nozzle for precise airflow, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser
    – The diffuser is designed to evenly disperse air at the root area for volume while helping to form curls.
  • 11 ft. (3.35m) cord length
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 1100 Watts


  • Smoothing Comb
  • Air Concentrator
  • Diffuser


The power of CHI® Ceramic infused with volcanic lava derived from lava rocks provides gentle consistent heat during styling. This combination allows styling at lower than normal temperatures producing less damage to the hair while offering smooth, shiny results. CHI CERAMIC – Creates smooth looks by leaving hair frizz-free with reflective shine. Producing smooth results on all hair types. VOLCANIC LAVA – Volcanic powders derived from lava rocks offer extreme durability while acting as a great heat conductor. Produces ions infusing hair with shine.


Reduces drying time while producing a stronger air flow. Creates smooth, sleek and voluminous styles on all hair types.


For the professional stylist and or consumer looking for a powerful hair dryer that helps reduce drying time while producing salon quality results.

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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for CHI Lava Hair Dryer

  1. Sandy from OK

    Best hair dryer I’ve owned. It pretty quiet, and easy to use. Would highly recommend!

  2. MJL

    I have to shower almost every day because I frequent my local gym and this blow dryer fits so nicely in my gym bag. I have so much more room now! Another great thing about this is it is so quiet compared to my older, outdated blow dryer. I don’t feel obnoxious while drying my hair in the locker room now.

  3. Br00k3rs

    I have naturally thick, frizzy hair. This hairdryer absolutely tames the frizziness. I was reluctant to buy a hair dryer that costs so much but I’m sooooo glad I did. I love it

  4. Jos17

    The blow dryer dries my hair without frying my hair! It’s also really small and travel friendly

  5. Jan

    WOW! after my first use, I did not recognize myself in the mirror. Having wavy hair, I used the diffuser on low setting and finished with the cold shot. The volume was unbelievable as I have very fine, thin and fragile hair. It also gave me some loose waves with the volume making me look like I have tons more hair than I really do. I t gave me a lot of shine, no frizz and looks bouncy which I really like. I would not take anything for this dryer; no more cheap dryers for me; this was worth every penny to me. I feel pretty and more confident in my looks now.

  6. Bev (verified owner)

    This dry made my hair dry and frizzy.

  7. Harlie lee (verified owner)

    Disappointed. Received it as a Christmas gift from my husband. I was really exited to try it out. The smell was over whelming when I turned it on and has continued to smell. The first time I dried my hair, I had used the diffuser attachment. The attachment didn’t lock into place and kept falling out when trying to use. This happen again when I dried my hair a second time. The cool feature on it doesn’t get cool at all. Maybe a Luke warm at best. I was just very disappointed in the technology and that the locking system doesn’t seem to work great.

  8. Alexis B

    Love the dryer! Works amazing and light weight.
    It’s fast and all my clients love it!
    The only problems I have with the dryer is the the attachments. They don’t fully click on.
    Is there anyway place I could by the diffuser/ attachments separately?

  9. Marlie S.

    I needed a new blow dryer since mine died. I wanted to spend a little more money on a dryer this time around, thinking it would last longer, and be better quality. This one is okay. Not great. Doesn’t have enough settings, for me and what I typically like with my hair. I have really curly hair, and need a cooler setting on medium speed. There’s just medium speed, without choosing the heat setting. My hair ends up pretty frizzy, but I can usually fix it after. I haven’t noticed that it cuts down on drying time. Still takes a good 35-40 minutes for my thick, curly hair. About the same time as my previous $50 hair dryer from hot tools. The biggest downside is that it sucks my hair into the fan in the back, and I have to cut it out because it gets so stuck! I’m afraid to use this dryer anymore because of it! I have medium length hair, so I would NOT suggest if you have medium-long hair. It will get sucked into the back. YIKES!

  10. Carol

    I needed and new blow dryer and decided to treat myself to a nice one. Dryer left my hair looking and feeling the same as any other dryer I’ve owned. I’m now just out of my 2 year warranty and the heating element is glowing red and I can see white sparks. I’m afraid to use it. Customer service offered no help at all. Going back to the inexpensive blow dryers. Such a disappointment.

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