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CHI Infra

CHI Infra is the first hair care line of its kind utilizing CHI 44 Ceramic and Cationic Hydration Interlink. It provides moisture and strength by interlocking vital moisture and strength in the inner structure of the hair. Products leave hair healthier, more manageable and with superior shine.

Adds Moisture and Shine


Paraben Free


For all Hair Types


Catatonic Hydration Interlink

Video Gallery

  • CHI Silk Infusion CHI Haircare

    CHI Silk Infusion

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  • CHI Infra Shampoo CHI Haircare

    CHI Infra Shampoo

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  • CHI Infra Treatment Color Protection

    CHI Infra Treatment

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  • CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment CHI Haircare

    CHI Ionic Color Lock Treatment

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  • CHI Keratin Mist Curl Care

    CHI Keratin Mist

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  • CHI Total Protect CHI Haircare

    CHI Total Protect

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  • CHI Infra Trio Kit CHI Haircare

    CHI Infra Trio Kit

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  • CHI Bubble Bath CHI Infra

    CHI Bubble Bath

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  • CHI Body Lotion CHI Infra

    CHI Body Lotion

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  • Protect & Hold Kit Gift Sets

    Protect & Hold Kit

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  • Refresh & Protect Kit Gift Sets

    Refresh & Protect Kit

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  • The Essentials Kit CHI 44 Iron Guard

    The Essentials Kit

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  • Shine & Moisture Kit Gift Sets

    Shine & Moisture Kit

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  • CHI Infra Thermal Care Kit Cyber Week

    CHI Infra Thermal Care Kit

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  • CHI Thermal Hero Kit Curl Care

    CHI Thermal Hero Kit

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  • Sale! Smooth Skin & Silky Style Bundle Back To School

    Smooth Skin & Silky Style Bundle

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  • Sale! Spin N Peel Bundle Back To School

    Spin N Peel Bundle

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  • Sale! Refresh, Protect & Moisturize Bundle Back To School

    Refresh, Protect & Moisturize Bundle

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