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CHI Lava Interchangeable Hairstyling Wand


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• Lava mineral composition is made of the elements silicon, oxygen, aluminum, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and titanium (plus other elements in very small concentrations). • Lava is known to be the best heat conductor in the world, allowing you to use lower heat settings while maintaining consistent heat that does not fluctuate like traditional irons or plates. • Lava minerals provide gentle, consistent heat that maintains temperature to allow for one pass styling. • Minerals in Lava produce ions every time it is heated, helping to reduce damage to the hair, increase shine, and reduce frizz while offering smooth glide. • Lava rocks are extremely durable and strong so plates will not scratch as easily and will last longer. • Lava minerals produce more ions than traditional elements used in styling tools. • Lower temperatures protect hair color.  
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1. Ensure that the iron is unplugged and not heated before adding or switching attachments.
2. Using the thermal glove provided, attach the desired styling attachment to the tool base by lining up the 2 larger square ridges to the parallel cuts in the base.
3. To lock attachment in to place: Press down the attachment at the cool tip end and twist the handle ring to the left to match up the  arrow to the  on the LOCK position.
4. To unlock the attachment: Allow the attachment to cool and turn the tool off before removing as it may still be heated. Twist the handle ring to the right to match up the 

Basic Operations

1. Ensure that the attachment is properly locked into the tool base.
2. Plug appliance into the correct power source.
3. Place thermal glove on the hand prior to turning the tool on.
4. Press the power button once to turn on the iron.
5. Select the desired temperature setting using the (^) or (down) buttons.
6. The selected temperature will illuminate and blink until the iron has reached the desired setting.
7. After 1 hour of stand-by, the tool will shut off.
8. To turn off the tool, hold the power button down.
9. Unplug the tool directly from the wall; do not pull on the cord.


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