CHI Spin N Curl - CHI Curling Iron - 1” Ceramic Rotating Curler

CHI Spin N Curl – Matte Black

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Create flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with the CHI Spin n Curl automatic rotating curling iron.


  • 1” Ceramic Rotating Barrel
  • 410°F Maximum Temperature
  • Directional Buttons
  • Tangle Protection
  • Includes Pre-set Temperatures:
    – Low 370°F for Fine Hair
    – Medium 390°F for Medium Hair
    – High 410°F for Coarse Hair
  • Includes Adjustable Heat-Up Times
    – 15 seconds for Fine Hair
    – 17 seconds for Medium Hair
    – 19 seconds for Coarse Hair
  • Temperature Display
  • Beep Alert
  • Auto Temperature Lock
  • 1-hour Auto Shut Off For Safety
  • 9 ft. (2.7 m) Swivel Cord for Convenience
  • Dual Voltage for Convenient Travel
  • 2-year Limited Warranty


  • Reduces Frizz & Static
  • Adds Exceptional Shine
  • Customizable Temperature For All Hair Types
  • Perfect Curls Without Heat Damage


  • Cleaning Tool



Create flawless curls and waves at the push of a button with the CHI Spin n Curl automatic rotating curling iron. Hair is drawn into the curl chamber where it is heated and timed to create perfect curls and waves every time! The digital temperature display offers easily adjustable temperature settings and a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a customizable styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage. Ceramic heat technology produces far-infrared heat while the conditioning benefits of negative ions results in shinier, healthier, and more beautiful hair. Curling hair has never been so effortless with the CHI Spin n Curl!

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Reviews (32)

32 reviews for CHI Spin N Curl – Matte Black

  1. awentzer

    Let me start off by saying, I did NOT expect the awesome, oh so effortless results I achieved with this thing but then again, it’s a CHI and my iron alone lasted me like 6 years. Honestly, I was scared my hair was in jeopardy using it but not once did I have any trouble. The tangle proof sensor is real lol. Holy Grail of all Curlers!! Quality work guys I’m in love!!

  2. chardacredogmom

    I LOVE this tool! I have recently let my hair grow to about shoulder length with long layers, and I style it several different ways. For the beachy waves, I had tried curling irons, flat irons, and other tools, but I was never able to get the exact look I wanted. I found the Spin N Curl online, and I was very skeptical but decided to try it. I love it! It is so easy, and it gives me perfect curls! My hair is very thick, and the curls stay in all day. After sleeping on my hair, I might need to touch it up, but it still looks great the next day! Please do not discontinue this product! I can’t believe everyone doesn’t have one!

  3. Daniela Iezza

    I was skeptical at first about this because I’ve tried something like it and it pulled my hair. I tried it today and I like the way it works my hair is really long and it did take me an hour to curl my whole head. It normally takes me about 45 mind anyway so it’s not a big deal. The best part is my hair is hard to curl and doesn’t stay curled. My hair stayed curled all day and my curls came out cute. You have to do small pieces at a time but the curler is very easy to use. I’m really happy with the product.

  4. C. Storkson

    I was worried about spending on this item and not liking the results. I absolutely love the way that it curls my hair. It’s impossible to tangle and easy to learn to use. My hair holds the curl for day without needing touch ups.

  5. Ritter Elizabeth Hoy

    Love!!!! This helped me add more defined ringlets in spots where my hair was just wavy. I am very curly – but it is not uniform. The CHI Spin N Curl helped me add more curls in the places I was lacking.

  6. Brenda Miller

    This is the best hair tool EVER. I have literally tried everything on the market, and never has a hair tool worked as good as this. It is easy and foolproof. It is pricey, but to me well worth the money.

  7. Kelli

    Amazing!! Please, please make this in a 1.5 barrel and I’ll buy immediately!!

  8. Jennifer

    I really love this tool! I have a hard time with curling irons, either I burn myself or one curl turns or different than the others or I accidentally curl one an opposite direction than the rest. This tool eliminates all my challenges. The tool doesn’t get hot on the outside so you will never burn your skin. It has a timer that beeps when time to release your hair, which is great. It allows you to set the temp for your hair type. It has two curl direction buttons that allow you to curl either toward your face or away. I highly recommend this product. CHI outdid themselves with this one!

  9. Gina Sarver

    I love the CHI Air Spin N Curl! I wasn’t sure if I could even figure out how to use it at first, but it didn’t take long at all, and now it’s the only hair tool I use. My hair which usually doesn’t hold a curl well, stays curled really nicely for about 3 days!!! I love it!!

  10. jocelynbarberhair

    My favorite CHI product is the curler because I always get compliments on my hair!! 🙌🏼😻💖✨

  11. Kaila Heater

    The CHI Air Spin N Curl because my hair takes forever to curl, this is done in no time! The CHI straight guard, helps and keeps my hair straight, and my chi flat iron. Doesn’t make my hair flat and stick to my head! I love chi everything, this would be perfect to add to my selection!

  12. chandni2659

    The SPIN AND CURL is my fave it’s so easy and fast to achieve those beautiful locks with it.. it’s awesome😍😍

  13. Cyndi Flores

    The Spin N Curl is Amazing and easy to use

  14. tulipcloud

    The BEST and EASIEST curling iron ever! I also have the other automatic curling torture device by Conair which can tangle and burn your hair if too much gets put into the chamber. But not this one! It’s super easy to use, just slip an amount of hair over the top of the device, press the button and it does all the work for you!

    I was able to do my hair in less than 10 minutes! And it holds the curl in my thick Asian hair all day long!! It heats up quickly. No worries of burning your hands so I have no problems letting my 10 yr old daughter using it. My only wish was that it came in 1&1/4” or 1&1/2” barrel size!

  15. Mom2Two

    This product exceeded my expectations. I was nervous my hair would get stuck, or it would pull, but it’s really easy to use and creates beautiful curls on my hard to curl hair. What I really love is that my 12 year old daughter can use it because the outside is cool to the touch. She’s so excited to curl her own hair since a regular curing iron is too difficult for her to use. I also love that I can easily lower the temperature setting for her hair, and go back to a higher setting for my own.

  16. Feeny

    I’ve never had luck with QVC hair products and tools so I was very skeptical about this curler. First of all I have naturally curly hair that I blow straight with much effort. My curls have a mind of their own and are difficult to control.

    This tool is creating soft, smooth curls that last. I do have trouble with the back of my head but that might have more to do with my coordination than the curler. During the presentation the host did say the curler works better on hair that is at least four inches long. My hair is chin length…I think the tool would work even better on longer hair. So I’m going to let it grow more. And I don’t panic if it is a humid or rainy day as I did when I wore my hair straight.


    After burning myself twice with a regular wand I wanted a safer option. My hair is not quite shoulder length. This device works as advertised and is definitely a safer route than a hot open wand.

    However it definitely is better for longer hair and I cannot figure out how to do the back of my head by myself so that’s frustrating. If you have long hair this would be amazing. For me, I still might have to use that dangerous wand to get the vack of my hair done.

  18. TS Johnson

    I have very straight thick hair and have always had trouble curling it because it take so long. My hair is medium length- to my shoulder blades. This was so easy to use and fast! It created perfect curls in seconds. My curls held all day with a small amount of hairspray. Love it!

  19. Kaela

    Absolutely love this! It normally takes me 50-60 mins to curl my hair with a wand bc it is long and thick. I can curl it in 20-25 mins with this. And it stayed curled for 2 days. I decreased heat after the first use due to my hair smelling a little burned. But it works great at 375 and I sometimes take my hair out before the beep and still looks great but doesn’t take as long.

  20. Shelley Kirk

    Whaaaaaaa! Holy Moley! I just purchased your CHI Air Spin & Curl and I am in utter awe! This product is essentially FOOL PROOF! I can’t thank you enough. I’ve spent countless $$$ on curling tools and I’m just useless at getting it to look right! The Spin & Curl took me 20 minutes the first time and I’m in love! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  21. Shelley Green

    This is by far the best curling iron I have ever used. I have fine but thick hair that has never held a curl. Not only did my curls hold with this but they were perfect curls! No dent from the curling iron and no strays. So glad I got this.

  22. Constance Moore

    My hairdresser recommended this tool.

  23. Alicia Eissler

    I have used curling irons and more recently flat irons all my life and I can’t tell you how often I have accidentally burned myself. And, to add insult to injury (literally) the outcome was not very impressive. I have lots of really fine, really straight hair and live on the very hot and humid gulf coast. But with your Spin n Curl I can get a nice curl that not only lasts all day, but frequently holds overnight and into the following day. I was skeptical and the learning curve took a little while, plus as others have said, the back of my hair and bangs are a bit of a challenge, but with practice my hair looks better every time. Thanks for producing an amazing product!

  24. Amber

    Ok so, in May of 2018, a drunk driver hit me on a bridge and my left arm was nearly severed. They were able to save my arm, but the wrist and hand are not functional. With that being said, I have not been able to successfully curl my hair in over a year. Traditional curling irons and Wands are simply too difficult with one hand. My husband researched this nifty curl and spin by Chi and ordered it for me as a surprise gift. He said he knew I missed curling my hair and after watching youtube videos on it, he thought I could use it easily. YA’LL….for the first time in over a year, my hair is curled perfectly. I was able to operate it by myself one handed. It took a little practice, but it was super easy. I have the perfect curls and feel so great about my hair today! Thanks for making a product that can be used by those like me who are one handed that allows us to still feel beautiful! Best invention ever!!!

  25. Stefanie Pope

    Wonderful product!

    I purchased the spin and curl and I absolutely loved it! I use all chi products and this is the best ever! There is just one down fall about the spin and curl, chi needs to make it in a 3”! That would be wonderful! I’ve never been able to get such curls by myself and chi has totally out did themselves this time! Great hair curler! Ty chi!

  26. Pam Silvestri (verified owner)

    I LOVE this tool! I’ve had both shoulders replaced and not able to do anything fancy with my hair. I can curl my hair in 15 minutes. YAY!!!

  27. Falguni P

    All my life I have been clueless when it comes to my hair especially with curling irons.

    I just got this as a Christmas gift and thought worst gift ever because no curling iron is easy to use and never holds a curl with my hair ( I have a mix of 2B/2C hair).

    This curling iron is amazing! Super easy to use! Got amazing bombshell curls in under 40mins (again my hair is 2B/2C, thick, coarse and waist long hair). I intentionally tried to get the tool to tangle my hair but it outsmarted me! It beeps and makes you reset the machine. (Plus super easy to get your hair out!!!)

    Perfect curls from top to the tip of your hair! No more weird pointy tips from other curling tools!

    CHI Spin N Curl - Matte Black
    CHI Spin N Curl - Matte Black
  28. Maria Isaacs (verified owner)

    Works great, perfect curls. So glad I purchased – definitely recommend.

  29. Tiffany Henry (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the Chi Spin N Curl! It makes curling my hair a breeze!!

    CHI Spin N Curl - Matte Black
  30. Michelle (verified owner)

    I love the spin and curl. I have thick long hair which takes a long time to curl and the spin and curl makes it go faster and it works well on my hair. Thank you Chi.

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