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Red Deer by CHI Barber Barber-T Trimmer


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  • Low Vibration and Low Weight – makes the Barber-T quiet, and comfortable to be easy on joints and muscles
  • Battery lasts 80 minutes when fully charged
  • Quick charging cable allows the tool to be used while charging.
  • Precise, 36mm carbon steel, chrome-finished T – blade is perfect for hard to reach areas.
  • Close-shaving 0.3mm blade head gets close enough for hair tattoos, while also protecting the skin.
  • Safe handling grip keeps this tool in your hands


  • Blade Oil – Cleaning Brush – Charging Cable
  • Trimmer – 36 mm T-blade
Made in Germany trimmer combines a precision, carbon steel, chrome-coated T-blade with a lightweight body that emits low vibration and noise. These features contribute to the Barber-T Trimmer’s edge. It’s lightweight and gentle vibration makes the tool easy on the joints and muscles. The Barber-T Trimmer is a must have for barbers looking for a high-quality, multi-use tool that keeps hard-working hands going all day long.

Additional information

Weight 0.265 lbs
Dimensions 5.75 × 1.75 × 1.5 in

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