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A pre-styler is a hair product used before styling (often with a hairdryer). It takes your hair from its natural state to that of something more in line with how you want to style it. If you have fine or limp hair, you might use a pre-styler for thickening and adding volume; or perhaps your hair is naturally frizzy and you need a product to tame and smooth the hair before you style it.

CHI provides the beauty industry with the latest innovations to a wide-range of markets through multiple successful product lines and the finest educational support to better serve hairdressers and their clients.

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  • CHI Silk Infusion 12 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare - Professional Haircare

    CHI Silk Infusion

    (169) $2.67$55.84 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI Keratin Silk Infusion 6 fl. oz. - CHI Keratin - CHI Haircare

    CHI Keratin Silk Infusion

    (30) $2.67$34.36 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Iron-Guard-44-Style-and-Stay-Protecting-Spray-New2

    CHI 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray

    (11) $9.55$19.08 Quick viewSelect options
  • NewCHIVolumeBooster8floz-2

    CHI Volume Booster

    (30) $17.95 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Rose-Hip-Oil-Repair-and-Shine-LeaveIn-Tonic

    CHI Rose Hip Oil Repair & Shine Leave-In Tonic

    (9) $21.75 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI-Power-Plus-Root-Booster

    CHI Power Plus Root Booster Thickening Spray

    (5) $26.94 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Styling-CHI-HelmetHead-10floz

    CHI Helmet Head Hair Spray

    (22) $7.30$24.16 Quick viewSelect options
  • CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blow Dry Cream 6 fl. oz. - CHI Haircare

    CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil Blend Blow Dry Cream

    (5) $17.30 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Deep-Brilliance-Smooth-Edge

    CHI Deep Brilliance Smooth Edge High Shine & Firm Hold

    (8) $14.04 Quick viewAdd to cart
  • CHI-Styling-CHI-Helmet-Head

    CHI Helmet Head Spritz

    (2) $16.75 Quick viewRead more
  • CHI Thermal Hero Kit

    CHI Thermal Hero Kit

    (1) $47.18 Quick viewAdd to cart
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