Does your pixie need more pizazz? Is your hair dryer leaving you with flyaways and frizz? Well, look no further! The CHI 3-in-1 Round Blowout Brush is here to give your short cut a shortcut to style (see what we did there?) Made with a unique customizable design, the CHI 3-in-1 Round Blowout Brush is the ultimate styling and volumizing tool no matter what your hair’s length!

The control of a brush meets the power of a dryer with this versatile tool. The CHI 3-in-1 Round Blowout Brush is perfect for shorter styles, and with a 1” brush attachment, a 1.25” brush attachment, and a 1.7” brush attachment you can kiss that awkward growing-out phase goodbye. The CHI 3-in-1 Round Blowout Brush is made with your hair’s health in mind, with ceramic technology designed to emit negative ions that smooth hair and eliminate frizz. The CHI 3-in-1 Blowout Brush also comes with three adjustable temperature settings, so no matter what your hair’s texture, you can be sure that CHI has you covered.


  • 1000W DC Motor
  • Ceramic Technology combined with a built in Ion generator provide unparalleled shine and reduce heat damage by preserving natural hair moisture.
  • Three interchangeable round brush heads
  • Compact and lightweight design, less bulky, comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Swivel, tangle free 7ft.cord length.


  • Three attachments for versatile styling, great for all hair types and lengths.
  • Reduces static electricity, leaving hair smooth and silky
  • Produces an exceptionally high amount of negative ions, creating unparalleled shine.
  • Bristles are spaced strategically to prevent knots.

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