The CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush earned top honors as the “Best Time-Saving Tool” of 2022 as part of the NewBeauty Choice Awards. The awards, issued annually by NewBeauty Magazine, recognized this brushas one of 365 of the most innovative products taking the beauty industry by storm.

During the curation process, NewBeauty editors tested and vetted 10,000 beauty products, treatments, breakthroughs, and innovations in the beauty industry. Accordingly, the editors’ picks confirmed that the winning products and services delivered on claims, offered solutions to the biggest beauty problems, and made those who use them look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

“My hair holds on to a lot of water, so I’m a fan of anything that saves time in my styling routine. This speeds things up while also locking in smoother strands,” said Britt Fallon, Beauty Director of NewBeauty.

The CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush makes the process of creating a professional blowout or getting silky strands a breeze. Truly, it combines the technology of both a hot brush and a hair dryer. The brush features ceramic bristles, three different heat settings, and a built-in ion generator. Moreover, this ergonomically designed tool works on any hair length or texture, reducing frizz and increasing shine to ensure that you can look your best in half the time.

Model Posing Before Hairstyle
Model Posing After Hairstyle

To use this award-winning tool, simply select one of the three settings on the CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush and begin your daily routine. To dry gently, select the “Warm Air” setting. For a faster drying time combined with smoothing, select the “Hot Air + Heat” setting. To straighten and smooth, select “Heat” and simply glide over and through hair, straightening as you detangle.

Features and Benefits of the 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush

With the CHI 3-in-1 Hot Smoothing Dryer Brush, you get the benefits of a hairdryer in a handy brush form. Check out the features and benefits of this styling tool that will streamline your beauty routine.


  • Versatile styling great for all hair types
  • Reduces static electricity leaving hair smooth and silky
  • Produces an exceptionally high number of negative ions, creating unparalleled shine
  • Bristles are spaced out evenly to prevent knots and tangles
  • Dries and styles hair in one easy step

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