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Graphene Shoes

Graphene is one of the rarest yet most resistant  material that has been found in nature. It’s  properties are resistant 200 times stronger than  steel.

Ceramic Shoes

Ceramic’s properties are antibacterial killing harmful bacteria with anti-fungal properties, water resistant, anti-slip.

Ceramic shoes have a unique ability to reflect your body heat and activate blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and temperature balance

CHI Footwear

Who Are We?

We are a footwear company and our vision aims  technology + innovation.

Style, comfort and quality are also part of our  personality as a company, we strive to bring you  simplicity with a touch of art.

We are not another pair of shoes in the market,  we are different, Different Like You.


Our Story

We started CHI FOOTWEAR to incorporate  technology, comfort, and style all in one. Our vision  is innovation. This is why we decided to work with Graphene and Ceramic.

You may ask yourself about these two technologies  you have not heard of yet, until now.

Our Materials

Graphene Shoes

• Fabric Top Layer + Cowhide + Graphene

• Insole Graphene + Hightech Foam

• Outsole Rubber Wear-Resistant & Good Flexibility

• Last 2X longer than a regular shoe!

Ceramic Shoes

• Handmade

• Carefully Selected 100% Leather

• Velvet Fabric

• Hand Crafted Embroidery

• Leather Lining

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We are Different.

Different, Like You.

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